St. Andrew's Allotment Garden


2014 St. Andrew's Garden Application is available!

Returning gardeners and WSU students and staff have priority for obtaining beds. Because of limited spaces, beds will be assigned on a first come-first served basis.

Download the 2014 application here. Write Garden Leader, Hope Morrow, with any questions:

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Saturday, April 18, 2009. 

More than 40 Wayne State University students, staff, and their family members and friends showed up to build the St. Andrew's Allotment Garden.  They dug holes to place 16 beds (each 4'x8'), lined them with newspaper, shoveled topsoil and compost in them, and even sowed seeds in some beds and planted transplants.  Whether it was because it was a gorgeous day--sunny and dry, temps in the high 60s to low 70s--or because more people showed up (20 more!) than had signed on to participate, or because this group was especially motivated, the garden build was finished two hours ahead of schedule!  Perhaps it was all of the above!

Student groups that sent representatives included SEAL (Student Environmental Action Leaders), Alpha Phi Omega, Mantrayoga Club, and WSSUP (Wayne State Student Urban Planners).

Although Saturday's site work was the most visible activity in the garden build, it culminated more than four weeks of intense planning and work, including:

  • hauling lumber and compost;
  • cutting boards and posts to size and prepping boards by drilling and doing partial assembly to make on-site assembly easier;
  • oiling lumber with two coats of linseed oil; 
  • assembling tools and preparing for storage and launch of the garden build before hand;
  • moving the prepped and partly assembled beds from the Community Arts Woodshop to the site;
  • laying out the bed location on site prior to the build day;
  • fully assembling beds on site;
  • ordering topsoil and other supplies and planning for delivery with many uncertainties about when the checks for these would be cut by WSU;
  • planning for refreshments and enough tasks and tools for volunteers so that no one is standing around on the big day, with lots of uncertainties about exactly how many would show up; and then
  • the tasks described above in the first paragraph. 

...And recruiting and coordinating volunteers for these tasks! 

Getting all these tasks done in a timely and effective manner requires the help and support of many, many individuals.  Thankfully, SEED Wayne has ready access to such individuals, many of whom are partners as well. 

The St. Andrew's Allotment Garden would not have been possible without the help of many campus units and individuals, including the volunteers who showed up and worked enthusiastically over March and April at the woodshop and on location.

Very special thanks are due (in no particular order):

  • Jordan Sinclair of SEAL, for the many hours she dedicated to lumber prep, garden prep, and garden build, and stepping in to help when needed.
  • Lonni Thomas (GUP student assistant),  Sarah Marolf (GUP student assistant and APO member), Julia Sosin (WSU student and SEAL member), and Rayman Mohamed (GUP faculty member) for allowing themselves to be pressed into service when volunteers were needed for urgent tasks.
  • Michael Bowen, Director of the Student Center, for patiently working through the uncertainties of when volunteer-based work would be done, and to him and his fabulous staff (Alieu, Landon, Michael, Jonathan, Jack, and others) for moving partially assembled beds to the site, pitching and disassembling tents, and being there for other garden build tasks.
  • Giulio Fattore of AVI Food Systems, Inc. for hauling the lumber all the way from Ann Arbor. 
  • Robert Taormina, Community Arts woodshop manager, for all his help with lumber prep and bed assembly. Robert and his wife, Preya, had their second child last Thursday--baby (Liam Joseph) and mom and dad are well!  Congratulations to all!
  • Kent Bolt of Facilities Planning and Management for the many ways in which he helped with the garden planning and build.
  • Jerry Herron, Dean of the I. D. Reid Honors College, for suggesting, and Jim Sears, AVP of Facilities Planning and Management, for agreeing to, the location of the garden.
  • Riet Shumack of the Garden Resource Program, for helping with hauling compost from a cluster location on the Eastside.
  • Nabelah Ghareeb, AVP of Business Operations, for urging her staff to volunteer for the garden build, and helping in many small and big ways, including recruiting our lunch which was donated by Jimmy Johns. 

The St. Andrew's Allotment garden will be maintained by SEED Wayne and three student groups, with beds assigned to each, based on a set of mutual expectations.  Students agree to maintain their beds, help in collective tasks, refrain from using chemical pesticides or fertilizers, and generally watch out for the garden.  SEED Wayne agrees to provide the beds and other resources and supplies needed to maintain the garden, offer technical assistance and training, provide general oversight, and trouble shoot as necessary. 

You can help by signing up to volunteer at the St. Andrew's Allotment Garden and the Warrior Demonstration Garden, donating tools, and spreading the word!


And no, Rick (WSU photographer) did not take the pictures displayed on this website! 


Kami's apologies if your picture is missing from this collection! Perhaps it'll turn up in someone else's camera! If you took pictures during the garden build, please share! Stay tuned for lumber prep related pictures in the woodshop over March and April!


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