Published Papers

"Let's Take a Break: Trends and Cycles in US Real GDP," with Pierre Perron, 2009, Journal of Monetary Economics 56 (6) 749-765.

"Immigration of Nurses" with David E. Kalist and Stephen J. Spurr, 2010, Industrial Relations 49 (2) 406-428.

"Oil Price Shocks and Industrial Production: Is the Relationship Linear?" with Ana Maria Herrera and Latika Gupta Lagalo, 2011, Macroeconomic Dynamics, 15 (S3) 472-497.

"The Real Exchange Rate and Real Interest Differentials: The Role of the Trend-Cycle Decomposition," 2012, Economic Inquiry 50 (4) 968-987.

"On the Correlations of Trend-Cycle Errors" 2012, Economics Letters, 116 (3) 396-400. Appendix

"The Role of Transitory and Persistent Shocks in the Consumption Correlation and International Comovement Puzzles" (Former title: "Trend and Cycles in a Two-Country Model") Technical Appendix, 2014, Macroeconomic Dynamics.

"International Stock Market Efficiency: A Non-Bayesian Time-Varying Model Approach," with Mikio Ito and Akihiko Noda, 2014, forthcoming at Applied Economics.


Working Papers

"Asymmetries in the oil price-industrial production relationship? Evidence from 18 OECD countries" with Ana Maria Herrera and Latika Gupta Lagalo. 

"Measuring Business Cycles with Structural Breaks and Outliers: Applications to International Data," with Pierre Perron

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