Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)

As Wayne State's largest college, we provide the most comprehensive educational experience on campus and offer majors from philosophy to chemistry to sociology, with many more in between.

As a CLAS student, you will gain universal skills that will serve you well in any profession. The world around us is becoming more sophisticatedscientifically, technologically, and culturallyand at an ever increasing pace. Scientists must be able to explain what they do to their colleagues and to the public, and this requires excellence in writing and speaking. Knowledge of foreign languages is crucial to gaining a deeper understanding of other people and their cultures, and to international commerce. The arts and humanities deepen cultural awareness and the appreciation of beauty, while also giving context to our past, present, and future. The social sciences sort and analyze political, economic, and cultural data, providing insights into, and solutions for, some of society's most pressing problems.

A major in CLAS is a perfect background for many jobs that you can procure after obtaining your undergraduate degree, for graduate school in the arts or sciences (including engineering), and for professional schools such as law, medicine, and business. For more information on careers leading from a CLAS major, please visit our departmental directory and make an appointment to speak to one of our dedicated advisors.

I also urge you to talk to faculty outside of the classroom to learn more about their research and to take advantage of opportunities to engage in research with them. For more information about research opportunities, please visit the Liberal Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Research page.

Best wishes,

Wayne M. Raskind, Dean


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