How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment by calling (313) 577-2544, by using our online scheduling system, or by emailing us at

Walk-in tutoring sessions are available, but we recommend making an appointment (313-577-2544), especially considering the heavy volume we handle near the end of the semester.  Students are ONLY allowed on session per day.  If students schedule more than one appointment per day, the earliest appointment will be kept and the additional appointments will be canceled.  If a student continues to schedule more than one appointment per day, the student will be removed from the system and will need to speak with the director to be reinstated. 

Students must cancel at least three hours before their scheduled appointments.  If students are a no show no call more than two times in a row, the student will be removed from the system and will need to speak with the director to be reinstated.  

During the session, we will work with students at any stage of writing, from starting the assignment to the finished product.

However, we do not edit papers.  We focus upon larger order concerns during sessions such as content, critical thinking, development, analysis, organization, use of sources, etc.   We will address editing concerns, but our goal it to inform you of the errors and help you understand the errors so that you can make corrections on your own and in the future. 

We will not work with students if the paper is not their own.  This means that you cannot bring in your roommates paper and have us review the paper for them.  Students must be responsible for their own writing.

We cannot work with students on exams and tests.  For instance, if you have been given a take home History Essay Exam, we cannot work with you on the essay.  Doing so would be against the University Student Code of Conduct and be defined as cheating.  




How do I schedule an online appointment?

 You can visit our Online Writing Center information page for instructions:

How do I submit a paper for an online appointment?

Prior to your online session, you must send an e-mail with your paper attached (by 9am the day of your appointment) to  Failure to do so will forfeit your appointment.

*NOTE* Please be sure to attach the material you wish to cover in the appointment, as well as specific concerns or goals you hope to address.


How do I request a workshop?

You can request a workshop by visiting our In-Class Workshop and Presentation Page and filling out a Request A Workshop Form.


We provide in-class introductions to the WRT Zone as well as content specific workshops.


How do I find additional resources?

We provide online resources via our page Additional Resources.


You can also contact us at 313-577-2544 or via email at

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