The Writing Center offers a variety of workshops designed to support faculty in classrooms and organizations across the WSU community. Take a look at the workshop catalog below to find which workshops best support your course plans.

Note: Please request workshops at least 2 to 3 weeks in advance to allow time for processing.  Apart from our director and assistant director, we are staffed entirely by graduate and undergraduate students.  If you place a request over break or when classes are not in session, a response will be delayed until classes resume.

Introduction to The WRT Zone

The Introduction to The WRT Zone workshop is a 15-20 minute overview of the services and locations that the WRT Zone offers. This workshop is often given in conjunction with other workshops (e.g. APA Citation Style Workshop).

APA Citation Style Workshop

The APA Citation Style workshop presents the basics of APA citation formatting, as well as addresses the relationship between plagiarism and citations when researching and writing. This workshop also provides time for students to work on their own citations and introduces them to important resources.

Communicating Effectively with Visuals Workshop

The Communicating Effectively with Visuals Workshop focuses on understanding what it means to use visuals in a presentation. This workshop addresses key visual topics when students are presenting in formats such as PowerPoint, Prezi, web pages, or any other visual communication modes. The principles of visual design such as layout, typography, and repetition are explained as they relate to visual presentations. Participants have time to work on their own visual designs and receive feedback from our presenters.

IMRAD and Scientific Writing Workshop

The IMRAD or Scientific Writing workshop reviews research, writing, and formatting rules in the field of Science.  The workshop is at first lecture-based and then moves into group discussion and activities.  These workshops are tailored to fit the needs of the department, course, and instructor and therefore require at least three weeks advance notice. 

Peer Response Workshop

The Peer Response workshop outlines strategies for students to offer one another generative criticism on works-in-progress, both one-on-one and in small groups. First, our presenters describe and define peer response, then offer a mock peer response session. Finally, students break into groups and spend a good portion of this workshop practicing peer response with classmates. Presenters listen in on these conversations and offer feedback when necessary.

Personal Statements Workshop

The Personal Statements workshop is a great introduction to the careful and meticulous writing of personal statements and statements of purpose for graduate school applications and funding opportunities. This workshop discusses the genre of personal statements and offers tips on what to avoid. We provide department-specific 'do’s and don'ts' from data we collected from advising and admission offices across the campus.  Most importantly, this workshop facilitates participants to write and reflect with their peers on these high stakes pieces of writing.

Plagiarism & Copyright Workshop

The Plagiarism & Copyright workshop works with your students to define and identify plagiarism within WSU’s policies regarding Academic Integrity. We review proper citation use and styling within MLA and APA citation styles. We also offer a discussion on copyright and intellectual property and the importance of giving credit to sources, authors, scholars, artists, and even fellow students.

Writing Process Workshop

The Writing Process workshop introduces students to the varied and unique process of the writers experience. Our presenters provide different writing processes then ask students to map their own writing process. The goal of this workshop is to give students an awareness of their own process in the hopes that visualizing them will offer insight into where students struggle, and where they excel.

Custom Presentation or Workshop

The Writing Center offers custom presentations and workshops that may combine aspects of our standard workshops. Additionally, you may request a specific consultant or group of consultants to speak to particular expertise. We are happy to work with you to create a workshop that will meet the needs of your students. Contact our assistant director for more information. Please allow at least 3 weeks for the creation of custom workshops.

If you are requesting a workshop, contact us via one of the following:

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