Writing Center Director 


Jule Thomas 

About Jule: 

Jule Thomas has a Master's degree in Literature with a focus on 18th century women's writiers. She has a PhD on writing center theory, genre theory, composition theory, metacognition and transfer, and mixed methods methodology. When not teaching or working in the Writing Center, Jule loves to run, take spin classes, garden, paint, and hang out with her three boys, husband, and two dogs.

Strengths in Tutoring:

Jule's strenght in tutoring are working with Graduate students, Master's students, and ESL students. Jule especially enjoys working with departments and faculty in order to develop instructor and student materials that support reading, research, and writing development.


Writing Center Assistant Director


Stephen Austin

About Stephen:

Stephen graduated from Wayne State University with a double major in English and Music with a minor in Journalism. His primary research interest is primarily early-to-mid 20th century literature, but also dips into early classical and up to proto-modern music, Roman history, and Linguistics. He loves politics, his records, his cats, his piano, and his kitchen. 

Strengths in Tutoring:

All-things-Writing Process, Critical Thinking and Reading, MLA and Chicago format and citation, English literature from 1850 - 1970, Latin, Journalism, and Music Theory.


ESL Tutor / Lecturer - English Language Institute


Holly Ruesch

About Holly: 

Holly is a Lecturer in the ELI at WSU. She has been teaching an advanced writing course for international students attending the ELI for the past twelve years and has been tutoring at the Writing Center for the past two years.

Strengths in Tutoring:

Holly specializes in working with non-native speakers / writiers of English who need help organizing and expressing their ideas in English using correct grammar and vocabulary.


Graduate Tutors


Lindsay Miller


About Lindsay:

 Salve! I’m working on my MA in Literature, focusing on Medieval Studies. I love all things Medieval, but I like all types of literature. After I finish my Master’s degree, I want to move on to my Ph.D and teach at the university level. I love to read all kinds of books, knit, and spend time with my cat, Oliver, my snake, Severus, and my husband, Adam.

Strengths in Tutoring: 

Since my undergraduate degree was in teaching and I worked as a teacher for five years, I have a great deal of experience in teaching writing to all levels of students.

Sarah Primeau

About Sarah:

Sarah is a graduate student in the English department. Her research interests include first-year writing pedagogy, cultural rhetorics, and writing assessment. She spends most of her time teaching, tutoring, and conducting research, but she also enjoys playing with her dogs and following her favorite drag queens and queer artists on social media.

Strengths in Tutoring:

Sarah is familiar with most of the assisgnments in ENG 1010, 1020, 3010, and 3050. She has also taught classes in writing for healthcare majors, and she enjoys helping students across all majors with their research writing (including theses and dissertations). 

Michael Van Gundy

About Michael:

Michael graduated from University of Detroit Mercy with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in History and minoring in political science. He is in his first year of the Masters program in Political Science. He enjoys spending time with his dog, Theodore, as well as watching sports.


Strengths in Tutoring:


Michael is most experienced with writing research-based papers and has a lot of experience working with Chicago Style formatting.




Jacquelyn Azar

About Jacquelyn:

Jackie is an English major with minors in Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies and Global studies. She is interested in creative writing, but also enjoys more technical forms of writing. Her research interest lies in the ways writing and communication can uplift and unite us. 

Strengths in Tutoring:

Jackie is proficient in tutoring for the curriculum of ENG 1010 and 1020, Creative Writing, and Technical Writing.

Alicia Gregg

About Alica:

Alicia is a Senior studying to become a HIgh School teacher, majoring in English and minoring in History. She has a huge passion for film, whether it's watching a moving, directing her own, or writing scree

Strengths in Tutoring:

Alicia is proficient in tutoring for the curriculum of ENG 1010 and 1020, brainstorming ideas for papers, organizing your thoughts and last checks for grammar and organization.

Kyra Villalon


 About Kyra: 

Kyra is a Public Health major. She is interested in swimming, poetry, reading, late night studying, biology research, and dessert-tasting. Kyra likes tutoring because it gives her an insight into how other’s minds think.

Strengths in Tutoring: 

Kyra specializes in laboratory reports and scientific research papers. 

Asraa Ali

 About Asraa: 

Asraa is a fifth year undergraduate student who loves to write. She studies science and public policy, but enjoys writing and teaching in her free time. She enjoys helping others strangthen their abilities in writing because she feels writing truly is a form of art which everybody deserves to learn. She is double majoring in Public Affairs and Biology.

Strengths in Tutoring: 

 Asraa has been tutoring English for five years, with two of them being dedicated to tutoring ESL students at a local non-profit. She has spent the remaining three years tutoring here at Wayne State. She is fluent in Arabic and English.

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