Writing Center Director 


Jule Thomas 

About Jule: 

Jule Thomas has a Master's degree in Literature with a focus on 18th century women's writiers. She has a PhD on writing center theory, genre theory, composition theory, metacognition and transfer, and mixed methods methodology. When not teaching or working in the Writing Center, Jule loves to run, take spin classes, garden, paint, and hang out with her three boys, husband, and two dogs.

Strengths in Tutoring:

Jule's strenght in tutoring are working with Graduate students, Master's students, and ESL students. Jule especially enjoys working with departments and faculty in order to develop instructor and student materials that support reading, research, and writing development.


Writing Center Assistant Director


Stephen Austin

About Stephen:

Stephen's research interests include English and music.

Strengths in Tutoring:

Writing Process, Critical Thinking, Reading, MLA format and citation, English from 1880 - 1970, Latin, and Music Theory.


ESL Tutor / Lecturer - English Language Institute


Holly Ruesch

About Holly: 

Holly is a Lecturer in the ELI at WSU. She has been teaching an advanced writing course for international students attending the ELI for the past twelve years and has been tutoring at the Writing Center for the past two years.

Strengths in Tutoring:

Holly specializes in working with non-native speakers / writiers of English who need help organizing and expressing their ideas in English using correct grammar and vocabulary.


Graduate Tutors


Lindsay Miller


About Lindsay:

 Salve! I’m working on my MA in Literature, focusing on Medieval Studies. I love all things Medieval, but I like all types of literature. After I finish my Master’s degree, I want to move on to my Ph.D and teach at the university level. I love to read all kinds of books, knit, and spend time with my cat, Oliver, my snake, Severus, and my husband, Adam.

Strengths in Tutoring: 

Since my undergraduate degree was in teaching and I worked as a teacher for five years, I have a great deal of experience in teaching writing to all levels of students.

Corey Hamilton 


About Corey:

I am a fourth-year PhD candidate in rhetoric and composition. Specifically, I study rhetorical theory, religious rhetorics,, the teaching of writing, technical and professional communication, and digital rhetorics. I am interested in how we can help transform the writing classroom into an engaging, encouraging, and empowering environment. One of the theories on which I am working considers the attitude and presentation of the instructor on student's reception to writing instruction, as well as interrogating the types of activities we practice in the classroom.

Strengths in Tutoring:

Having taught most of the composition courses offered here at WSU, I bring knowledge of the assignments and experience in providing feedback on those assignments. I also practice one-to-one tutoring in my courses and am skilled at providing students with tools they can take with them to use in the writing process.




Erin Asbel


About Erin:

I am a Detroit-based flim maker with experience in film theory and love all things media.   During my time as a film major, I gained knowledge and became proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Audition, Photoshop, Illustrator, as well as Avid and Pro Tools. I can proficiently write scripts for commercials, short films, feature films, and know how to write treatments and synopses for pitches, production, etc. I also know my way around Canon cameras (I personally own an EOS Rebel T6), H4N and H6N Audio Recorders, microphones (wired and wireless lavs, shotgun microphones). I typically use Premiere Pro to do my editing in. 

Strengths in Tutoring:

Film, Media, Technology, Ediitng, and Undergraduate writiing


Emma Fagan

 About Emma: 

I am currently studying English and Psychology, although I also love Film and Anthropology. I'm interested in music, cooking and poetry. At any given time I am in the middle of 7 to 8 books, all unfinished. 

Strengths in Tutoring:

MLA / APA citation, Reading Comprehention, and Essay Writing.

Jacquelyn Azar

About Jacquelyn:

I'm an English major with minors in Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies, and Global studies. I am interested in creative writing, but also enjoy more technical forms of writing. My research interest lies in the ways writing and communication can uplift and unite us. 

Strengths in Tutoring:

I am proficient in tutoring for the curriculum of ENG 1010 and 1020, Creative Writing, and Technical Writing.


Phillip Zivku

 About Phill:

I am a man of many hats. I find pleasure in learning about new developments in technology, consumer or industrial, and I especially enjoy the pracitacal application of knowledge. I aim to improve the quality of life of those I interact with. I find it relaxing to read about STEM, law, psychology, and digital media. I have a pet goat.

Strengths in Tutoring:

APA, Law, Research Writing, Technology use, Presentation Writing, and STEM.


Negwa Nagi

  About Negwa:  

Hello! I’m an English major with a minor in Business Administration. I’m interesteguistics, and reading.

Strengths in Tutoring: 

MLA, writing process, organization, clarity, and literary/analytical writing.


Kyra Villalon


 About Kyra: 

I’m a Public Health major and I’m interested in swimming, poetry, reading, late night studying, biology research, and dessert-tasting. I like tutoring because it gives me an insight into how other’s minds think.

Strengths in Tutoring: 

I specialize in laboratory reports and scientific research papers. 

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