Online appointments are booked either through calling us at 313-577-2544, in person, or using our online scheduling system

*Please note that when booking your appointment using our online scheduling system, you must choose the Location Google Hangouts (Online) rather than the Location Main Campus (Undergraduate Library)

Follow the following steps for scheduling using our online scheduling system

*Please not that we have created an Online Appointment Tutorial and an Online Appointment Trouble Shooting 


1. Log into our online scheduling system
2. Enter your access ID and password
3. Select Subject Writing Center
4. Select Appropriate Course/Topic
5. Select Location Google Hangouts (Online)
6. Provide notes for tutor if needed

Students must submit their assignment by 9AM the day of their appointment.  

Failure to do so will result in cancelation of the online appointment. 

Pre-Online Requirements


To confirm that you have read and understood all of the above, please send an e-mailthe first time you utilize our online tutoring services, providing the following:

  • An attachment of the material you wish to cover in the appointment, as well as specific concerns or goals you hope to address 
  • You will need a Gmail Account to conduct online appointments. If you do not have a gmail account, they are fast, free, and easy to set up. Simply go to and sign up. 
  • Verification that you have read the instructions and have installed Google Hangouts and Google Drive 
  • Email of assignment by 9am the day of your appointment. Failure to do so will result in cancelation of your appointment.

Online Appointment Rules


  • All students must work actively with the tutor during the session. 
  • Online appointments are conducted similar as face-to-face where both tutor and student interact and discuss writing needs and skills. 
  • We do not conduct online appointments in the first hour of operation 
  • Appointments will begin within the first 10 minutes of the hour, and last 50 minutes. These 10 minutes are for your tutor to prepare all of the material needed for the appointment to be conducted smoothly. It also allows a grace period for the student to sign-in and connect with the tutor.
  • If you need to cancel you appointment, you must do so at least an hour before the appointment begins.  To cancel you appointment, please call us at (313) 577-2544 during regular business hours or email us.  If you fail to cancel you appointment more than twice, it will result in your inability to schedule an appointment. 


Online Appointment Philosophy

At the Wayne State University WRT Zone (Writing Center), we hope to help as many students as possible with as many of their concerns as we are able.  However, we actively avoid a few points during sessions:

  • While we will make comments upon students' writing that provide ideas, suggestions, or questions, we do not “edit” or “fix” papers, but rather go over material. 
  • We will point out grammatical and sentence level issues, but will ask students to actively work on finding and fixing those errors with the tutor and on their own after the session.
  • The goal is to grant the student access to the necessary skills to fix grammatical and sentence-level issues themselves .



Online Appointment Tutorial

Online Appointment Trouble Shooting


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