Pronoun Sheet

There are many different pronouns; below are a few examples.


List of Singular Pronouns:

First person: Me
Second: You
Third: He/Him She/Her It


List of Singular Plural Pronouns:

First Person: We/Us
Second: You
Third: They/Them


When you are writing, pronouns are very important. When you are repetitive it makes your paper very choppy. Instead of using a name over and over you can use pronouns.


Anonymous pronouns are more difficult to use. What do you do if you don't want to let anyone know the gender of an unspecified anonymous person, for instance? Common usage (the way we talk) suggests the use of "their." However, this is not strictly speaking grammatically correct.


Common fixes for this problem are:

  1. Use of he/she, his/her, etc.
  2. Use of the author's sexed pronoun (if you are male, use "he," if you are female use "she")


The best solution is to ask your instructor what they prefer in this instance!





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