Scheduling Policies

1. Students are allowed one appointment per day, 2 appointments per week. 

2. If a student feels they have a valid reason for requesting more than one appointment per day, they must contact the assistant director, discuss the matter, and receive prior authorization for multiple appointment in a day.

3. The director, assistant director, and senior tutors reserve the right to deny requests.

4. Students must cancel their appointments more than twelve hours before their appointment is scheduled to begin. You can cancel you appointment by:

     a. Using our self-managing scheduling portal: WAMS TUTORING 

     b. Emailing us regarding your cancelation. 

     c.  Calling us directly at (313) 577- 2544; leave a message with your name, phone number and reason for calling. 


These three methods are listed in the recommended order attempt, as we may not hear your voicemail or see your email ahead of the 12-hour cancellation deadline. Even if you send an email or leave a voicemail before the 12-hour cancellation deadline, you are still responsible for your appointment until you hear back from us. 


     Scheduling Instructions

               1. Click on the following link to access our online appointment system 

               2. Use your WSU access ID and Password to log in

               3. Click on "Schedule New Appointment"

               4.  Select "Writing Center" as the department

               5. Select the appropriate Course/Topic from the dropdown menu

               6. Select the date you need

               7. Select the time you need

               8. Select the tutor you want


 *Special Note for Social Work Students* 

Social Work majors seeking an appointment should be advised that the School of Social Work offers tutors within your department. As these tutors are more specifically trained in the disciplines of Social Work, consider first scheduling an appointment with them prior to the WRT Zone. More information can be found here


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