Scheduling Policies

1. Students are only allowed one appointment per day.

2. If students schedule more than one appointment per day, the earliest appointment will be kept and the subsequent appointments will be canceled.

3. Students who continue to schedule more than one appointment per day will be removed from the system and will need to contact the director to be reinstated.

4. If a student feels they have a valid reason for requesting more than one appointment per day, they must contact the director, discuss the matter, and receive prior authorization for multiple appointment in a day.

5. The director and senior tutors reserves the right to deny requests.

6. Students must cancel their appointment at least one hour in advance if they are unable to attend.  The prefered method for canceling an appointment is to call us at (313) 577-2544 and leave a message if necessary providing your name, phone, number, and reason for calling.  Students can also email us to cancel an appointment.  Students who fail to do so more than two times in a row will be removed from the system and will need to contact the director to be reinstated.

7.  There are times that our online scheduling system, Appointment Plus, might have failures in the system where students are unable to access the system or find that they are unable to access their account.  If this occurs, please contact us at (313) 577-2544 or contact us via email.  

     *  If you have trouble accessing your account on our online scheduling system, please do not create a new account.  Instead, call us at (313) 577-2544 or email us.  Creating a new account causes the system to log multiple accounts for one student and will result in ALL of your accounts being deleted. 


Scheduling Instructions

1. Click on the Book Now Button below.

2. Create an Account if You've Never Set Up An Account Before

    a. Create a User Name You Can Remember

    b. Create a Password You Can Remember

3. Log In With Your User Name and Password

4. You must select a service when scheduling. Please select from the following service:

  • Student Scheduled Appointments for regular Face-to-Face Appointments
  • ESL Tutoring if you are scheduling an appointment with our ESL tutor
  • SDS if you are a student from the SDS Office


5. Select the Day and Time You'd Like to Come In

  • Be Aware, If You Click On a Day and Time That is Not Open, You'll Simply Be Placed On the Wait List


6. Provide Instructions for the Tutor If You'd Like

7. Click Submit

8. You Will Receive an Email Confirmation and Reminder for Your Appointment.

Note: If our appointments are booked and you are unable to schedule an appointment, you can place yourself on our wait list. Please select the tutoring service requested, and select Wait List as your tutor. If an opening occurs, we will contact you and schedule you for the appointment time you have selected on the waitlist.




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