Jule Thomas, director

Jule Thomas

About me

Jule Thomas has a Master's degree in Literature with a focus on 18th century women's writiers. She has a Ph.D. on writing center theory, genre theory, composition theory, metacognition and transfer, and mixed methods methodology. When not teaching or working in the Writing Center, Jule loves to run, take spin classes, garden, paint, and hang out with her three boys, husband, and two dogs.

Strengths in tutoring

Jule's strenght in tutoring are working with graduate students, master's students, and ESL students. Jule especially enjoys working with departments and faculty in order to develop instructor and student materials that support reading, research, and writing development.


Stephen Austin, assistant director

Stephen Austin

About me

Stephen graduated from Wayne State University with a double major in English and music with a minor in Journalism. His primary research interest is primarily early-to-mid 20th century literature, but also dips into early classical and up to proto-modern music, Roman history, and linguistics. He loves politics, his records, his cats, his piano, and his kitchen. 

Strengths in tutoring

All-things-writing process, critical thinking and reading, MLA and Chicago format and citation, English literature from 1850 to 1970, Latin, journalism, and music theory.




Graduate tutors

Michael Van Gundy

Michael Van Gundy

About me

Michael graduated from University of Detroit Mercy with a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in history and minoring in political science. He is in his first year of the masters program in political science. He enjoys spending time with his dog, Theodore, as well as watching sports.

Strengths in tutoring 

Michael is most experienced with writing research-based papers and has a lot of experience working with Chicago Style formatting.




Sam Taub

Sam TaubAbout me

Sam is a second year MA student in creative writing. They are particularly interested in African American literature, speculative fiction, and satire. He received his BA in liberal arts from Sarah Lawrence College, where they learned how to write about a wide range of subjects, from the U.S. Census to Jewish theology to Internet memes.

Strengths in tutoring

Their tutoring strengths are in basic composition and forming strong arguments based on evidence, however he is confident that he can help with any issue that may come up while writing.





Jackson Wolf

Jackson Wolf

About me

My name is Jackson Wolf. I love cooking, baking, and playing board games. I am a huge fan of Nintendo gaming; I own three consoles and two emulators. I am a huge Stephen King fan and love the horror, sci-fi, and fantasy genres. I earned my bachelor’s in linguistics and my bachelor’s in French language and literature from Oakland University. I am pursuing my master’s in linguistics here at Wayne State. I am focused on the intersection between phonology and morphology as well as exploring all that the French language and culture has to offer.

Strengths in tutoring

Phonology, linguistics, French, literature, and writing.




K.M. Lewis, Major: Rhetoric and Composition (English)

K.M. LewisAbout me

I have a background in English and design, holding a degree in each field. My two biggest passions are teaching and writing, and I am currently pursuing my dream of becoming a professor so that I can help others better express their ideas and create change through writing. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, and sewing. I love doing community service and research aimed at helping underserved communities.

Strengths in tutoring

I love helping people with pre-writing- like organization, idea-generation, and paper-mapping. I think that starting out with a strong plan can help writers avoid a lot of the more frustrating parts about writing. I am also good at helping others clarify their writing. I’m happy to help however I am needed because it is important to me that others feel good about the writing process.


Nariman Hawily, English major

Nariman HawilyAbout me

Nariman graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn with undergraduate degrees in English and communication. She is currently working on her M.A. in English and would eventually like to earn her Ph.D. In her free time, Nariman enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with family.  

Strengths in tutoring

Nariman specializes in MLA format, grammar and mechanics, the writing process, and more. She is also fluent in Arabic and English.




Hilla Ishaqsei, education major

Hilla IshaqseiAbout me

Hilla is pursuing the MAT program in secondary education. She has majored in English, minored in biology, and enjoys spending her free time reading, writing, and pursuing photography/videography. She is interested in various forms of writing, as each form of writing brings forth a different writing style and talent.



Sami Dwornick, social work major

Sami DwornickAbout me

Sami is a social work major. She has minors in nutrition and food science as well as community health. She loves going to coffee shops, listening to all types of music, and doing photography. 

Strengths in tuoring

Sami specializes in things like research papers, lab reports, literature reviews, article analyses, and other forms of writing that are in a narrative or first person format. She can also help with brainstorming writing topic ideas and organizing those topics and thoughts. Proficient in: ENG 1020, ENG 3010, SW3030, NFS Courses, and APA formatting.

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