Amy Latawiec, director

Amy Latawiec

About me

Dr. Amy Latawiec (known by her students as Dr. L) is an Associate Professor of Teaching in the English department at Wayne State where she specializes in teaching and researching basic writing. Amy’s research areas include cognitive psychology (specifically resilience and habit-forming), Basic Writing theory and pedagogy, and writing program assessment. Amy has developed, assessed, and revised basic writing curriculum for several years and piloted WSU’s first STRETCH First-Year Writing course. She earned her PhD in Rhetoric and Composition in 2016 and has taught at Wayne State since 2010. She is a member of the Wayne State Academy of Teachers.

In addition to her commitment to researching and teaching writing, she is also a Peloton enthusiast, a former gym owner and a fan of indie comics and professional wrestling. Her current favorite things are: training for HYROX and challenging herself professionally by taking over the direction of the Writing Center.


Graduate tutors 

Sukayna Davanzo

Sukayna DavanzoAbout me

I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in Honors English at Wayne State and am currently working on a master’s degree in English. I hope to pursue a career in teaching English literature as a professor. I have previously worked as a tutor for young students in the Metro Detroit area to improve literacy. When I’m not writing essays. I enjoy curling up with a good book and a cup of tea, playing with my cat or rewatching the Harry Potter films. 

Strengths in tutoring

My tutoring strengths are the fine-tuning of organization, sentence structure, grammar, concision, transitions, and cohesion in a paper. I also have lots of experience in literary analysis. I acknowledge that having a piece of writing edited or critiqued can be daunting and my goal is to use my experience to help focus, clarify, and edit a student’s work constructively and respectfully.



Thomas Goins

Thomas GoinsAbout me

I have an education in English with concentrations in language, literature and writing studies. I am currently working through a Ph.D. in rhetoric and composition. My research interests include critical-creative composition and sociocultural studies. For leisure, I enjoy the pains of playing the support role in team-based strategy games.

Strengths in tutoring

I have experience with APA and MLA writing styles, grammar and mechanics, pre-writing and the overall writing process.



Amanda Akers, social work major

Amanda AkersAbout me

I am entering Wayne State for my master's in social work. I double-majored at Madonna University, where I obtained degrees in both Deaf Community studies and social work. I also worked at Madonna’s Writing Center for 4 of my five years there. I was also in leadership positions for two groups at Madonna, the Sign Language Studies Club and Cru. In my free time, I enjoy hanging out with friends and family, watching movies, baking/cooking, taking care of my dog, doing arts and crafts, and exercising.

Strengths in tutoring

Commas, sentence flow, graduate papers, and social work and American Sign Language papers.


Haley Shier

Haley ShierAbout me

I am a graduate student here at Wayne State University. I am currently working towards my Master of Public Health degree. In my free time, I love to read and listen to music.

Strengths in tutoring

I specialize in MLA format, grammar, and organization.





Louie Alkasmikha

Louie AlkasmikhaAbout me

I graduated from Oakland University, with a bachelor's degree in philosophy, minoring in political science. A few years after that, I graduated from Wayne State University, with a bachelor's degree in English. Currently, I am a first year graduate student, in English, specializing in disability and identity studies. Even though this university does not have this specific program, I try to utilize and take any bits of information to bring out this hidden form of society, the disabled, that is hidden or misunderstood by others. Allowing English and philosophy to function as my cognitive skill and background will help me to discover the gems and allegories that are underrepresented in our culture.

Strength in tutoring

Academically assisting others will give me a stronger analysis as to what and how others perceive the word, both internally and physically. Tutoring provides further experience with how one can amalgamate their thoughts and form them into a more succinct analysis. This work will all help to create a more riveting paper for a course, or a thesis or a future dissertation.

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